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Y O U T H  L E A G U E 
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Orange Lutheran High School
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Every Sunday for duration of League
7 Weeks of game play

5onfive Youth Leagues have helped develop all Skill levels in

South Orange County for 20 years.

Now it is near you!


What makes our league different?

We have found that by creating an stress free environment where kids feel comfortable to explore the game of basketball, kids will start to develop quicker.

Things like confidence issues, bad coaching, bad training, and pressure, are all reasons why your son/daughter is not developing the way they should be.

Our League aims to resolve these issues and put them back on the right track!

Healthy Competition

We create the teams. We evaluate the kids and put them on teams that we feel will create fair and equal opportunities. Kids may be moved to a different team to guarantee equal teams. 

Volunteer Coaches

Yelling and screaming at the kids stops here! We make sure each Volunteer coach understands the reason for the League and what the end goal is. 

Equal Playing Time

Each kid, no matter the skill level, will play equal minutes. In the League we play 4 quarters, each quarter is 10 minutes long, and subs are every 5 minutes. 

Low Comittmnet

Games are every Sunday, usually in the morning depending on age group. There is 1 game every weekend for 7 weekends. Coaches are only allowed 1 practice a week.

Skills Academy Included

We pride ourselves in providing the best youth basketball training in Orange County. With the purchase of the 7 week long Spring League you will have access to 14 Skills Academy Sessions. These Sessions are on Saturday and Sunday nights for the duration of the League. For information on our Trainers click here. 

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