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Offered in three day sessions the basketball camp is offered to boys and girls from 3rd – 8th grade.  The players will use the learned fundamental skills to participate in head-to-head play, teams and individual drills.

All Camps held at San Juan Sports Park

25925 Camino Del Avion in San Juan Capistrano

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic we are awaiting word that the gym will be open to determine dates of camps in 2020.

Please check back end of June 2020.

Stay Healthy!



The League Basketball Academy is offered to the league players who love the game of basketball and want to learn the fundamentals of the game.


The League Basketball Academy is offered every Saturday and Sunday nights during the length of each league.  There is no extra fee as it is part of the league registration fee.


The League Basketball Academy is dedicated to providing all youth with the highest quality training and team experience through sports participation. Participants are treated with respect through the opportunity to experience growth in the areas of interacting with others, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and skill development.


Each weekend different components of the game will be taught.  The components are as follows:


  • Shooting - the proper arm and body position, ball rotation, release and follow through as well as offensive aggression and shooting techniques that will increase accuracy, range and endurance.We apply the shooting methodology through drills such as rainbow drill, spot shooting and through shooting challenges.


  • Ball Handling/Dribbling –The following drills are introduced that will increase your speed up the floor, your defensive against the steal and creation of passing opportunities: transition dribbling, stationary dribbling, spider dribbling,inside/out, v-dribbling, two-ball, scissor dribble and lunge dribbles such as behind the back, crossovers and through the legs. We use these dribbling drills in game situations as breaking a press, change of pace and direction, under pressure dribbling and dribbles to relieve the pressure.


  • Creating space - we will work on creating space between the offensive player and the defensive player so that the offensive player is free to shoot regardless of the defense using counter moves and cutting off angles.We apply this mentality with fast break drills, 3 on 2/2 on 1, 2on 1/1 on 1, the ring drill and 1 on 1 competition.


  • Mental aspect of the game/ Reading the floor - shooting and scoring under pressure will be improved through confidence building and repeated game situations. We emphasize “seeing the floor” and defensive awareness (i.e. man-to-man, zone, press). Additionally we talk about time clock management and size advantage/disadvantage.


  • Defense - man-to-man, team defense, defensive stance, rebounding, blocking out and other fundamentals will be taught. Drills include the shell and ring drill.


    Each session will be one (1) hour.  The first hour will be for boys/girls 3rd - 5th grade and the second hour will be for 6th – High School.


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